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Welcome to the Ladies Auxiliary Texas VFW Website

Welcome and "Thank You" for visiting the Ladies Auxiliary to the VFW Department of Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars website. The Department is a non-profit organization with the major goal of operations is to assist the Veterans and the members of the VFW.

The Ladies Auxiliary to the Texas VFW has a strong tradition in helping and supporting veterans, working community service and volunteering with the Girl Scouts / Brownies in every community in Texas.

Just like the members of the Veteran's Organization, the Ladies Auxiliary members have the camaraderie with others at the Post, District and Department, it's a great reason for potential members to find a Post close to your home and join the Ladies Auxiliary to the VFW.

Department President Melanie McConaghy's theme for this year is based on the Irish claddagh ring which symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship. “SERVING VETERANS with LOVE, LOYALTY, and FRIENDSHIP” is what we as the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars do when we work our programs.

Keeping America's Veterans & Families Strong


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